• Crane has been manufacturing quality fixtures for over 130 years.
  • If you have doubts on how common Crane is, take a look at the stamp on your toilet or check out the lavatory in your home.
  • Crane is popular not only for its quality products but also for the pleasant prices and wonderful selection.

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The Handy man is a professional plumbing company that deals mostly with all kinds of plumbing issues. From leakages, to drainage repairs, and replacements.

We have been in business for a decade now.
Our business over the years has focused on assisting home owners, tenants and numerous clients alike in making their drainage system clean, shining and without any offensive odor.

We also use the social media platform as a marketing tool for our clients in terms of advertisements and various plumbing related services.
At Handy man, we get our hands dirty so as to leave your sinks, drainage, and pipes clean and clear from all types of clogs.


Crane plumbing is a name you can rely upon with your home renovations