• Crane has been manufacturing quality fixtures for over 130 years.
  • If you have doubts on how common Crane is, take a look at the stamp on your toilet or check out the lavatory in your home.
  • Crane is popular not only for its quality products but also for the pleasant prices and wonderful selection.


When debating about plumbing producers, crane plumbing is one of the largest in North America and an enormous line of production is being produced.

Plumbing Industry

There are over 20 facilities all over North America that is responsible for the production of all product lines and there are over 3,000 employees, each with a special training in the plumbing industry.

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Manufacturing Quality

So, it doesn't matter if you are the modern or traditional expert, they will still be able to be of great assistance to you. Crane has been manufacturing quality fixtures for over 130 years.

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Industrial Places

That's quite a long time! Their products can be seen almost everywhere like the home, in clinics, apartments, schools, hotels and industrial places.

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Crane Product

And if you haven't seen the crane name by chance, you must have seen a Crane product because they go by a brand name of different varieties which include:

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Crane Product

Different Varieties

Crane manufacturing quality fixtures

1.    Crane Plumbing – Full line of fixtures and accessories
2.    Universal Rundle – Full line of fixtures and accessories
3.    Showerite – Full line of shower doors
4.    Fiat Products – Specialty Plumbing products.
5.    Sanymetal – Bathing compartments
Wait a minute! There’s more. They have lots of product classes to select from.
1.    Vitreous China – toilets, lavatories, urinals, flushometer, marine fixtures, Penal fixtures, hospital fixtures, counter top sinks, pedestal sinks.
2.    Enamel Steel – lavatories, bath tubs, kitchen sinks.
3.    Plastic Wall Surrounds – Tubs and showers.
4.    Acrylic and Gel coated Fiberglass – whirlpools, soaker tubs, steam suites, showers, tubs, physically challenged bathing units.
5.    Cultured Marble – Lavatories and vanity tops.
6.    Molded Stone – Service basins, laundry tubs, shower floors.
7.    Commander – Commercial showers, change stalls.
8.    Terrazzo – Commercial Shower floors.

Our Latest Work

Crane Plumbing

Common Crane

If you have doubts on how common Crane is, take a look at the stamp on your toilet or check out the lavatory in your home. You'll find the Crane stamp on more than half of the fixtures u check.

Plumbing Force

Product Range

The warranty is superb and a good reason to patronize the crane. Surely, it varies but it depends on the product and they range from anywhere from 1 year to 10 years depending on the item

Plumbing Tools

Quality Products

and there may be more that are even longer. The warranty claims are handled expertly and with a minimum of the hassle as possible. Crane is popular not only for its quality products

Plumbing Work

Pleasant Prices

but also for the pleasant prices and wonderful selection. It is a lovely feeling to know you can hit one manufacturer and get everything you need without running all over the country.


It is quite better when you can take hold of your comfy chair, turn on your computer, and let your fingers do the shopping trick and lot more.

At the right time, you can find exactly what you want and there is no need to start searching for a parking lot and also no running around town burning up gas and time.

The most crucial thing before you begin shopping is to first know your pressing need. It's too simple to get caught up buying in bits and pieces that are unnecessary.

Create a list and adhere to the list. If you are glaring at huge items, it's best to set a budget and then compare prices online need to start searching .


Crane plumbing is a name you can rely upon with your home renovations



Boiler installation is a little chore that can save lots of problems later. Some plumbing issues may be evident, while others may not. But, home inspectors have been trained to discover both. Check out the following plumbing inspection tips from an expert from London.
Here are some tips to get you fired up:

1.    Identify lead pipes and ask for a replacement.
2.    Check the supply line valves.
3.    Inspection of drainage pipes for all signs of weakness.
4.    Use hot water to get your toilet really clean.
5.    Ice cubes are pleasant for garbage disposal blades.
6.    Checking of outdoor faucets/ taps to make sure they are in good working conditions.
7.    Inspect the floor drainage and crawl space for any leakage.
8.    Understand the water meter.


Maintaining and cleaning your home’s plumbing drains

The following steps in maintaining and cleaning your home’s plumbing drains:
1.    Baking soda and boiling water or vinegar will often work well in drains that have been clogged.
2.    Often, drains may clog with hair. In this circumstance, if baking soda doesn’t work, then hair removal products will do just fine as they are by far less toxic than drain cleaners.
3.    For maintenance, making use of enzyme culture once in every month can assist in clearing the drain quickly. It will reduce odor in the garbage disposal.
These methods will remove almost every clog. And one thing you must consider is that ‘never mix different cleaners’ because these chemicals sometimes react with other compounds and harm the pipes or septic tank.


1.    Turn off the water taps, clean the area under the sink to replace your current drain pipes.
2.    Loosen and remove the couplings on either end of the p-tap.
3.    Clean the pipe threads on the sink. Scrub with a stiff-bristles brush and hot soapy water with a clean rag to remove stains.
4.    Take a new P-trap kit. Place washers and gaskets as instructed to do so. Tighten the couplings on both ends to protect the trap.

Then, carefully run water through the pipes before removing the bucket and replace the items previously removed from under the sink. These drain repair tips will help owners fix leaks, clogs, and general plumbing issues in their homes.

Knowing and addressing all plumbing issues are vital in avoiding future problems in the long run. This process will assist you in saving your home and its accessories from any damage. If a liquid drain cleaner doesn't take care of the clog, then physical drain cleaning is the only means of getting rid of the clog by force.


If you can’t clear a clog after few attempts and you can’t do anything else but to think on how to remove the clog, I think you should consider calling a professional for repairs and replacement of drainage pipes.